The CodeLogic Server is Not Running


  • The agent is sending data, but the dashboard remains empty
  • The agent is sending data, but an asset of interest is not listed
  • The server is reachable, but the web browser returns an error
  • The CodeLogic Server is not running


General Solutions
If the system has multiple interfaces, such as the public and private addresses of a cloud instance, verify that port 80 or port 443 (http or https) is not being filtered by a firewall.

Search for the Asset of Interest
The number of assets displayed in the GUI is limited to prevent it from becoming unwieldy.

Adjust the Agent Parameters
The batchSize parameter sets the maximum number of objects that will be sent to the CodeLogic Server.

        "batchSize": 750,

If a directory path has been specified as the starting point for a scan, the depth parameter sets the maximum level of subdirectories to scan.

      depth: 4

Check the CodeLogic Server Status
Systemd reports the status of the CodeLogic Server. In the example below, active (exited) is the correct status because the docker containers have been downloaded and started.

[abacio@fedora32server16gb ~]$ systemctl is-active codelogic

Verify that the CodeLogic Server Containers are Running
The CodeLogic Server is comprised of several containers. All of the containers should have a status of Up.

docker ps --format 'table {{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}'

Sample output that shows all of the containers are running

$ docker ps --format 'table {{.Names}}\t{{.Status}}'
NAMES                  STATUS
capeui                 Up 5 days
capeui-server          Up 5 days
neo4cape-service       Up 5 days (healthy)
fusionauth             Up 5 days
neo4j                  Up 5 days
mongodb                Up 5 days
postgres               Up 5 days
nginx                  Up 5 days
codelogic_autoheal_1   Up 5 days (healthy)

Verify the Server Host Resolution
A networking problem may result in a timeout while trying to connect to the GUI. The root cause may be that the localhost or server name is not being resolved correctly. If you see messages, like those below, try using the IP address in the browser. If that works, verify that /etc/hosts is correct and that any certificates are valid.

For example, try instead of http://"name_of_your_codelogic_server"/codelogic/ui.

Valid URLs are similar to: or

docker logs capeui
docker logs capeui-server
docker logs nginx

Sample output showing the GUI awaiting a connection

$ docker logs capeui
INFO: Accepting connections at http://localhost:5000

Sample outputs showing that the host cannot be found

$ docker logs capeui-server

no access token cookie defined
{"exception":{"message":"request to http://ub18codelogicserver.local/oauth2/token failed, reason: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND ub18codelogicserver.local","type":"system","errno":"ENOTFOUND","code":"ENOTFOUND"}}
in error
$ docker logs nginx

2020/12/03 16:58:02 [error] 26#26: *8 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream, client:, server: localhost, request: "GET /codelogic/middleware/api/auth/callback?code=1myBZ1hHULxJpBaXyezM-W0ba3J0glZVCmNLO2taO4A&locale=en_US&userState=Authenticated HTTP/1.1", upstream: "", host: "ub18codelogicserver.local", referrer: "http://ub18codelogicserver.local/oauth2/authorize?client_id=7fd32680-700e-4bfc-9ac0-bb7e17f63b70&redirect_uri=http://ub18codelogicserver.local/codelogic/middleware/api/auth/callback&response_type=code&scope=openid%20email"
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