The Agent Should Not Be Running


An agent is running but is not being used.

By default, agents are installed and enabled. To allow initial configuration, the agents are not started after installation.

However, after a system restart the agent will be automatically started by systemd.

This may not be desirable if the server does not contain any assets of interest. For example, it is not necessary to start the Java agent if the server is used only as a database server.


Stop and Disable the Agent

Disabling an agent will prevent it from being started when the system starts.

sudo systemctl stop codelogic-java
sudo systemctl disable codelogic-java
sudo systemctl stop codelogic-sql
sudo systemctl disable codelogic-sql

Remove the Agent

Standard package management commands are used to remove Linux agents.

The Windows agents are removed through Start > Settings > System > Apps & Features or the Control Panel.

Commands (Debian-Based)

sudo apt purge codelogic-java
sudo apt purge codelogic-sql

Commands (RHEL distributions based based upon Red Hat 8)

sudo dnf remove codelogic-java
sudo dnf remove codelogic-sql

Commands (RHEL distributions based based upon Red Hat 7)

sudo yum remove codelogic-java
sudo yum remove codelogic-sql
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